EmCyte PRP Kits

EmCyte PRP Kits

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EmCyte PRP Kits EmCyte Pure PRP II Kits (60 mL)

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EmCyte Platinum Series Centrifuge. Automation has made it to the EmCyte processing systems. The Platinum Series Centrifuge is pre-programmed with all of the protocols for the family of EmCyte concentrating systems. There is no longer a need to adjust time and centrifuge speed.  Instead just push the button of the protocol needed for the processing device.  The Platinum Series Centrifuge is made with reinforced stainless steel and bullet proof grade transparent lid, for the most robust platform available in a point of care desktop centrifuge. The footprint is small and the overall weight of the machine is light and features such as digital rotor imbalance sensor, automatic lid lock/release and service free drive are all maintained.  Best of all, EmCyte has been able to provide this new and simplified technology at a reduced cost when compared to the Executive Series Centrifuge. Take advantage of this new and innovative technology allowing you to simplify and improve your point of care experience.

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